1421-49-4 | 3,5-Bis-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzoicacid



Good Antioxidants. The product is used for toner charge regulator of electrostatic copier with negative charge.It is also used for pressure sensitive copy paper and heat sensitive paper as an information material.


RJ No.:                    730000001001

NAME:                     3,5-Bis-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzoicacid

MDL:                        MFCD00008827

EINECS:                   215-823-2

MOLWEIGHT:           250.33

MOLFORMULA:        C15H22O3

CAS No.:                  1421-49-4



Appearance              Light yellow to white powder

Purity                       99% Min.

Ash content              0.2% Max. 

Melting point            220.0-221.0℃

Volatile                     0.45% Max.

Residue on ignition  0.5% Max.

Application               Good Antioxidants


Post time: Dec-16-2020