Pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates? What is the intermediate?


Intermediates is a very important type of fine chemical products, its essence is a kind of “intermediate”, is the production of some products in the middle of the product, such as to produce a product that can be production from intermediates, cost savings, from is widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, paint, dyes and synthetic spices. In the field of medicine, intermediate is an important link of medical industry chain, in the process of drug synthesis process for some chemical raw materials and chemical products, in a word, used in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.


And pesticide intermediates, is also will be two or more agricultural raw materials together in the middle of the medium. Today, we mainly, pesticide intermediates.


Pesticide is used to prevent, eliminate or control hazards of agriculture, forestry disease, insect, grass and other harmful organisms and purposefully regulate growth of plants, insects, chemical synthesis or other natural substances derived from biological, a substance or a mixture of several substances and their preparations. In the broad sense, pesticide into crop protection types of pesticides and the crop protection pesticide, crop protection consists of herbicide according to the use of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulator, etc., mainly used in crop protection; On crop protection classes of pesticides including rodenticide, mosquito repellents, health supplies, etc., mainly used in residential medicine, public health, forestry management, industrial mildew season, pest control, medicine, wood preservation, grass protection and other fields.

The end of the pesticide industry in the chemical industry chain, belongs to the fine chemical industry. Pesticide industry chain upstream oil/chemical and other industries, to provide raw materials for pesticide industry; Middle industry mainly include intermediates, technical, preparation (3 pieces; For application of agricultural and non-agricultural downstream applications. Pesticide industry s dependence on technology, r&d spending big, cycle is long, risk and low success rate. In the global population growth and farmland area to reduce the contradiction, the wide use of pesticides in order to improve the yield per unit area is the important way to solve the problem of food.

Different pesticides require different intermediates in the production process. Agricultural raw materials to produce products, also is a combination of two or more substances in the middle of the medium. In pesticide can be understood as a synergistic agent, also known as organic intermediates. Originally refers to the use of coal tar or petroleum products as a raw material synthetic spices, dye, resin, drugs, such as plasticizer, rubber accelerator in the process of chemical products, produce in the middle of the product.

Intermediates in the synthesis is usually done in reaction kettle, separation and purification of the intermediates to, usually in extraction technology. Pesticide intermediates and chloroform extraction is chemical enterprise common unit operation, the traditional operation process generally adopts the distillation column, this kind of operation process is complex, low extraction efficiency, power consumption is big, therefore with the deepening of social division of labor and the progress of production technology, most enterprises begin to technological upgrading, and choose a more effective process operation. The solvent extraction method has become the extraction of chemical engineering section of the main operation unit. Solvent extraction is to choose suitable extractant, raw material liquid mixed with extraction agent, raw material of organic phase transfer of liquid into the extraction agent, organic phase was extracted after two phase separation. This way is simple, high extraction efficiency, extraction solvent was cheap, extraction solvent can be recycled at the same time, the effective comprehensive cost savings.


Post time: Sep-11-2020